About akaBoG

Hello and thank you for visiting my web site! I work full-time as a Multimedia Coordinator for a “top-ten paid attraction” in the Denver Metro area (based on exit survey data of travelers). I have been wanting to create my own content for a longtime and three years ago I was inspired to create my channel.

I have identified several specific types of content I can make on a regular basis and between my two personal channels (learn more below) I hope to share content on-site on a near daily basis!

What People Say

This is banger, keep it up!

– Terry Ghost

Hi Matt, I got the Fortnite /Batman 1:500 comic yesterday. It looks awesome in person. Thanks for sharing that info in the Fortnite cards group!

– J. Woo

Hey, I’m new to the channel. Loving it so far since I also collect the Fortnite series.

– auPointX

You do great work!


Great grafix!!!

– Gold Gauntlet Comix

BOG studios, LLC

I have partnered with my friend and family to help them produce their own original content! Currently I am proud to work with the following channels & sites!

akaBoG on YouTube!


Son Of BoG – Parcevall on Twitch.TV!


Pros and Khans: A Star Trek Discussion Channel – Dual Hosted!


Everything Has History with my P&K co-host!


HighFiMusic.com on YouTube – support local musicans!


Color Wheel Pros – look out for the new “Simple Color Wheel” with design work by BoG!