Howdy! My XBox gamer tag was once InABlazeOfGlory and my friends just started calling me BoG for short. I am a lifelong science fiction fan (Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.) an avid reader (The Expanse, Nightwatch, Jack Reacher), I have been playing video games for over 30 years (my tags have included InABlazeOfGlory, Blaz30fGlory, UnicornKisses, & HeavenlyFlowers) and I have been playing card games for over 25 years (Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, etc.).

I bought my first comic book at Mile High Comics in 1990 or so and although I took a break from collecting from about 1996-2002 I have been buying “funny books for most of my life. Highlights from my collection include the Marko Djurdjevic connecting variant cover sets for Ultimate Fallout and Amazing Spider-Man, and a “complete” set of the DC Comics & Marvel Fortnite comic books. Currently I have over 8,000 printed comics in my collection and I have also recently been collecting Marvel NFT comic books on the Veve app.

Currently I play a lot of Fortnite, Magic the Gathering: Arena, SplitGate and Star Wars Squadrons but other favorites include Among Us, Star Trek TImelines, Super Animal Royale, Rocket League & Pokemon Go! I also collect Fortnite trading cards from Panini and was one of the first people to post videos of me opening the packs on my channel (September 2019). I have a complete Base Set for Series 1 & 2 and if you want to get hyped for Series 3 in 2021 – check out my card opening playlist here!

I will be expanding the website over the coming months including regular posts with links to updated content for both my main channel my good friend and collaborator‘s channel, Pros and Khans: A Star Trek Discussion channel and my P&K co-hosts new channel, Everything Has History – all produced to some extent at my home studio, BOGstudioALPHA!. Keep an eye out for a new schedule as well!

Subscriber Celebration:October 2021!

October 2021 Subscriber Celebration Giveaway Pack:1 copy of the Batman / Fortnite: Foundation comic book including a code for the in-game cosmetic skin for The Batman Who Laughs, his “Robin’s Perch” Back Bling and, for the first time, a comic-only exclusive Batman Who Laughs Loading Screen! I am also giving away two Harley Quinn Rebirth… Read more Subscriber Celebration:October 2021!

Subscriber Celebration Giveaway: September 2021!

September 2021 Subscriber Celebration Giveaway Pack:1 copy of the 1-in-100 B&W “Sketch” variant cover version of the recent Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point Special Edition comic book released for Batman Day 2021! To get 1 copy of this comic featuring this variant cover retailers had to order 20 “bundles” of “regular” covers with each bundle… Read more Subscriber Celebration Giveaway: September 2021!