Recent Projects

….or “Where has BoG been?”

New Music videos for High Fi Music!
My good friend High Fi Music recently asked me to make videos for some of his music so he could share more tracks on his channel – check out his current tracks and subscribe for notifications – I have 4 more releases coming up on his channel soon!

Train Books & Videos
For those that don’t know I do a lot of print layout and production in my daytime work including large history books. I just recently begin final touches on two new upcoming titles for the Colorado Railroad Museum – a new Revised & Expanded Edition of Tin Feathers, Wooden Trestles and Iron Men by Stan Rhine (and others – 108 ppgs) as well as Colorado Rail Annual No. 35: Rails Around Golden by Dan Abbott (382 ppgs). Sounds like we will have some fun pre-order signing opportunities. The last title I did a lot of layout work for was Colorado Rail Annual No. 33: Rio Grande Standard Gauge Passenger Trains & Cars (click here to order). I also produce an average of about 7-8 videos a month for the Colorado Railroad Museum’s monetized YouTube channel.

Simple Color Wheel
I recently helped build print files for a new “Simple Color Wheel” for I believe the new design will be available for order soon!

Got a lot planned for 2023 – stay tuned!

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