Major Updates Inbound

Thank you for checking in! I have been getting a lot of questions and requests and I thought I would post an easy to find response addressing my plans for the channel & site over the next couple of months (Summer 2022)!

I have received an amazing response to my Spider-Man Zero code giveaways. At this time I am limited by the number of copies purchased on release day (over 35 + 5 more I was able to re-order). It sounds like my LCS will have a good stock and I will continue to buy additional codes while supplies last.

Currently I work full-time for a non-profit transportation Museum. In that capacity I produce an average of 150 videos a year for their YouTube channel (ranging from short weekly segments to 20-30 minute long monthly history segments). I am also currently overseeing the production and layout of 6 history books, the largest of which is currently at 370 pages and set to go to print in the next month. Side note – we are working to establish an Epic Games Creator Code for the Museum itself!

All that is to say that I am a pretty busy guy. Currently YouTube is a hobby but I hope to grow it into a part of a much larger group of successful creators. Currently in addition to my main akaBoG channel I also co-host a Star Trek centric discussion channel named Pros & Khans. I help produce my co-host’s history centric channel Everything Has History and I am helping my good friend High-Fi Music get setup (you’ll recognize his latest song in many of my videos). We are also developing a secret discussion channel for debut later this summer (you get an entry into the monthly giveaway drawing for each channel that you subscribe to).

I am going to take some time off in early July and during that period I will announce a formal schedule for my channels on this site including a calendar with links. I have new equipment on order to improve the quality of our videos and having a planned schedule will help with production planning long-term. The goal is to eventually be producing over 500 videos a year across all channels. This will include regular, weekly “play with subscriber” opportunities. Long-term I also hope to increase the number of code giveaways we do on channel to at least one-a-day (but that is probably a ways off yet). In addition to Fortnite I also regularly play Halo Infinity, Splitgate, Magic The Gathering: Arena, Star Wars Squadrons (sometimes in VR), Star Trek Bridge Crew (VR), Population One (VR), Rocket League, Pokemon Go, Star Trek Timelines & Among Us to name just a few. Eventually I hope to have a weekly segment in which I allow subscribers to choose the game I play (between Xbox, Steam, GoG & Epic I have almost 400 titles in my library to select from, many I have never played before).

I am working on a 3 volume series on the “History of Fortnite Comic Books” which will require a bit of time in the editing bay but will be worth it long-term in terms of gathering all of the information about the printed comics in one-spot.

I will be doing a major update to the site (live in early July or there abouts). We will be adding a proper store with new custom merchandise and we are working to add a section for high-end graded comic book sales. I am also partnering with a good friend to create custom art for two new t-shirt designs inspired by Fortnite and we will be featuring his artwork on a wide range of “blank” comic books!!!

Note, in addition to the Spider Man Zero skin codes I still have Batman Who Laughs codes, full-sets of the Batman/Fortnite series (with codes) and I will give away around 15-20 copies of each of the codes from issues 2-5 of the series…..

If you read all this – thank you again! I am developing several ideas to make it easier for me to game with my subscribers (I have been basically gaming with two other guys, one for 2 years and one for 15 – and it is hard to break routines) and to make it easier for motivated subscribers to earn extra entries in the “1,000 Subscriber Monofoil Giveaway.” I am on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and occasionally Twitch.

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