Monthly Subscriber Celebration

April Winner – aman812: – Thanks for subscribing!
Email to claim your prize (or /! Prize must be claimed by June 30, 2023!

Next drawing: May 31, 2023 – approx. 11pm MDT!

To enter subscribe to my main YouTube channel (
You can get additional entries by subscribing to the below listed channels (also filmed at my “studio”)! Each subscription equals a new entry, subscribe to all 4 channels for four entries per monthly drawing:

Pros and Khans – A Star Trek Discussion channel.
Everything Has History – my Pros & Khans co-host’s history channel.
High-Fi Music – my frequent in-game teammate’s channel.
Coverland Adventures – my frequent in-game teammate’s channel.

  • The Winner gets to select their prize from the available “Subscriber Celebration Prize Pool” (see below).
  • you must have your subscriptions set to “PUBLIC” or you will not be included in the drawing.
  • I will ship (USPS Priority with tracking) the prize to the winner at my cost in the continental United States (I can ship outside the continental United States if the winner pays shipping costs. International subscribers that win and do not want to cover shipping can also select a 5,000 vBuck Pass).
    To claim you prize, email me!
  • The winner will need to reply to my comment tagging them using a “verification” message to confirm they are the owner of the account.
  • I will not ship prizes to individuals under the age of 18 – prizes won by minors must be claimed by a parent or guardian.
    Prizes that are unclaimed before the next drawing will be added back into the “Subscriber Celebration Giveaway Prize Pool” for future giveaways (see list below).
  • to participate in the weekly drawing users must be subscribed at least one hour before each LIVE DRAWING.

Once all of the above channels (excluding Coverland Adventures) reach 1,000 subscribers I will giveaway 1 copy of the extremely rare, extremely cool Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point Special Edition 1-in-500 “Monofoil” comic book which was released for Batman Day September 2021.

Like free stuff? I am also giving away a code for 1,000 Fortnite vBucks every week in 2023 (starting Feb. 1). The code will be placed at the end of one of my videos each week. First person to enter it online claims the prize!

Subscriber Celebration Prize Pool:
Pick any 1 from the below list:
Secret Lair X Fortnite Traditional Foil Set (includes 8 cards)
Secret Lair X Fortnite: Landmarks & Locations Traditional Foil Set (includes 6 cards)
Marvel X Fortnite: Zero War issues #1-#5 (misc. prints & covers including a UK Forbidden Planet exclusive cover) – includes 5 Fortnite codes for in-game cosmetics including a Spider-Man Zero skin – enter all 5 codes and receive the Iron Man Zero skin!
Batman/Fortnite: Zeropoint issues #1-#6 (misc. prints & covers) – includes 6 Fortnite codes for in-game cosmetics including a Harley Quinn skin – enter all 6 codes and receive the Armored Batman Zero skin!
Fortnite X Marvel 2022 “Showdown” Variant Set Pack – 10 comics (1 copy each of Ghost Rider #4, New Fantastic Four #1, Iron Fist #4, Iron Man #20, Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #1, Captain Carter #3, Captain Marvel #38, Venom #8, Silk #5 & Captain America: Symbol of Truth #1)

Or pick any 2 from the below list:
Batman – Faze Clan Team-Up Pack (2022) 5 copies of issue #1 (4 connecting variant covers and one copy of the “regualr” cover)
World’s Finest (2022) issues #1-#5
Transformers: Last Bot Standing (2022) issues #1-#4 (misc. variants)
Batman/Fortnite: Foundation issue #1 (reg. Capullo cover or Cardstock Alex Garner variant cover) – includes a Fortnite code for the Batman Who Laughs in-game skin, back bling and “comic exclusive” loading screen!
Batman/Fortnite: Zeropoint Special Edition (1-in-100 B&W variant released for Batman Day 2021)
Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War Second Print pack (includes second print variants of issues 1 & 2) – possible low print run, no codes included (as printed)
World’s Finest (2022) issue #3 Lucio Parrillo Card Stock Variant
Wolverine #5 Unknow Comics Vertical Art variant (shows Wolverine from the 616 disappear to the Fortnite “Island” and then return).
Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 5) issue #75 & #93 (Gleason Webhead variants)
Star Wars (Marvel Vol. 2) issue #23 & #24 (Mile High Comics exclusive variant)
Star Wars: Princess Leia issue #1 & #3 (Mile High Comics exclusive variant)
Enter the House of Slaughter FCBD #1, House of Slaughter issue #1 (Foil variant) & House of Slaughter issue #7 Body Bag Variant (bagged)
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers / Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II #1 (Oliver Barrett CBNS Exclusive variant, limited to 350 copies, No. 172)
Harley Quin issue #24 (second print “design” variant – first interior appearance of the Harley Quinn Who Laughs)
Amazing Spider-Man issue #17 (Disney 100 Years Homage color variant)

Or pick any 4 from the below list:
Saga issue #55 return of the fan-favorite series!
Ultimate Origins issue #1
Wolverine (Vol. 7) issue #15 (AAPI Heritage variant by InHyuk Lee)
King Spawn issue #3 (Cover D by Bjorn Barends – the “Halloween” cover)
Dark Knights Death Metal: Robin King issue #1
Star Trek: Mirror War issue #1 (Barclay variant)
Spider-Woman (2017) issue #1 (die-cut variant)
Rogue Sun (2022) issue #1 (Goni Montes variant)
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (2007) issue #2
Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures – Galactic Bake-Off Spectacular (2022) one-shot includes actual recipes
Justice League (Vol. 4) issue #59 (set of 3 different “Zack Snyder’s Justice League” variants)
Punisher (Vol. 13) issue #1 (one copy of the “Spolier variant & one copy of the Parlov variant)
Farmhand issue #16 (Stronghold Exclusive Chew Homage variant – limited to 500 copies)
Panini Fortnite Series 1 Trading Card Pistol Holo #105
Panini Fortnite Series 1 Trading Card Funk Ops Holo #248
Panini Fortnite Series 2 Trading Card Red Jade Optichrome #28
Panini Fortnite Series 3 Trading Card Sig Laser Holo #76
Panini Fortnite Series 3 Trading Card Sparkplug Holo #81
Panini Fortnite Series 3 Trading Card Skull Trooper (Inverted) Base #174
Panini Fortnite Series 3 Trading Card Steelsight Laser Holo #184
Panini Fortnite Series 3 Trading Card Unpeely Base #197
Panini Fortnite Series 3 Trading Card Blastoff Optichrome Holo #211
Set of 3 Magic the Gathering Pre-Release Foil Cards (includes Everquill Phoenix, Savai Triome & Drannith Magistrate cards dated 18-19 April 2020)
Fortnite Plastic Patroller 7-inch Action Figure from McFarlane Toys
Immortal X-Men #2 (Karre Andrews variant)
Hulk #6 (spoiler variant)
Golden Rage issue #1 (Cover A)
Samurai Doggy issue 1 (Cover A)
Batman issue #125 (second print, first Failsafe)
Entropy issue #1 (Heavy Metal villain origin)

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