Subscriber Celebration Giveaway: December 2021!

December 2021 Subscriber Celebration Giveaway Pack:
1 copy of each issue of Batman/Fortnite: Zeropoint issues #1-#6 including all 6 in-game codes!
1 Cardstock variant copy of Batman/Fortnite: Foundation one shot comic!
2 copies of Batman/Fortnite: Zeropoint Special Edition (one signed by me)!
1 Plastic Patroller Fortnite Action Figure (inbox)!
1 Panini Fortnite Series 1 Funk Ops Epic Holo!
1 custom-made, “gold” metal Fortnite faux-Panini Mandalorian & The Child card!

Enter the codes in-game to unlock all of the following Cosmetics!
– Issue #1: Rebirth Harley Quinn Outfit
– Issue #2: Batman Zero Wing Glider
– Issue #3: Catwoman’s Grappling Claw Pickaxe
– Issue #4: Deathstroke Destroyer Glider
– Issue #5: Harley Quinn’s Revenge Back Bling
– Issue #6: Batarang Axe Pickaxe
– Enter all set codes and you’ll unlock Armored Batman Zero Outfit
– The Batman Who Laughs Outfit
– The Robin’s Perch Back Bling
– The comic-code exclusive Batman Who Laughs Loading Screen

*Update! The winner of the last drawing, The Art kemist (check out his YouTube channel here), already has the books offered in November and suggested I add them to the December Giveaway so we are adding the following items: 1 copy of House of Slaughter No. 1 (Foil variant), 1 copy of King Spawn No. 3 (Halloween variant) & 1 Fortnite Series 1 Holo – No. 105 (Pistol)!

Winner – Garry Wilson- thanks for subscribing!
Prize must be claimed by February 11, 2022 – email me here!

To enter subscribe to my main YouTube channel (
You can get additional entries per drawing by subscribing to the following channels, also filmed at my studio!
Each subscription equals a new entry, subscribe to all 4 channels for four entries per monthly drawing:

Pros and Khans: A Star Trek Discussion Channel (
Everything Has History – my P&K co-hosts new channel (‘s new YouTube channel (

  • you must have your subscriptions set to “PUBLIC” or you will not be included in the drawing.
  • I will ship (USPS Priority with tracking) the prize to the winner at my cost in the continental United States (I can ship outside the continental United States if the winner pays shipping costs).
    To claim you prize, email me below.
  • The winner will need to reply to my comment tagging them using a “verification” message to confirm they are the owner of the account.
  • I will not ship prizes to individuals under the age of 18 – prizes won by minors must be claimed by a parent or guardian.
    Prizes that are unclaimed after 6 weeks (42 days) will be added back into the “Subscriber Celebration Giveaway Prize Pool” for future giveaway.
  • to participate in the weekly drawing users must be subscribed at least one hour before each LIVE DRAWING.

Once all 4 of the above channels reach 1,000 subscribers I will giveaway 1 copy of the extremely rare, extremely cool Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point Special Edition 1-in-500 “Monofoil” comic book which was released for Batman Day September 2021. is a work in progress but will continue to grow in the years to come. I am also active at

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