Fortnite Comic Round-Up April 2021

I am getting a lot of questions and interest regarding the released Fortnite comic books. I am hoping this page will serve as a useful link for those seeking information!

The first licensed comic tie-ins to Fortnite came from Marvel Comics in September, 2020.These were mostly comic titles that featured variant covers with Fortnite art inspired by the season crossover event. Fantastic Four #24 (Vol. 6, 2018) includes a printed “back-up” story that includes the entire “Nexus War” comic featured in-game during this wild Chapter 2 crossover event.

I will add additional information as it continues to become available. Eventually I will add a full list of books with images and information about the digital and collected editions, etc. If you have any questions post them below or use the submission form below!

I featured most of the Marvel X Fortnite comic books in the below video, check it out to see the covers themselves!

Thanks to some of my informed and curious viewers we were able to identify several other Marvel comic books that were ties into the event via scenes in the books themselves showing the Marvel characters traveling to the Fortnite universe and returning shortly – making it officially canon that the Fortnite Universe exists in 616 continuity!

I covered these titles and showed some interior pages in this video here:

When I originally heard about the Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point crossover series I made a new video encouraging Fortnite fans to pre-order their copies in advance. Here is my first video after learning about the new tie-in comics:

Finally, I just filmed this post in which I share a copy of the regular Fantastic Four #24 cover (which advertises the interior Nexus War), the unusual “Surprise Retailer Incentive” Fortnite variant for Black Widow issue #1 (Vol. 8, 2020) and we look at all three of the covers for Batman / Fortnite: Zero Point issue #1 – the Regular cover (originally $5), the Cardstock cover (originally $6) and the Premium cover (featuring the art of Fortnite Chief Creative Officer Donald Mustard, originally sold for $17-$25 each):

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