aka BoG

I’m just a guy that is a gamer for fun!

Howdy! My gamer tag was once In A Blaze Of Glory and my friends just started calling me BoG for short. I am a lifelong science fiction fan (Star Trek, Star Wars, etc.) an avid reader (The Expanse, Nightwatch, Jack Reacher), I have been playing video games for over 30 years (my tags have included InABlazeOfGlory, Blaz30fGlory, UnicornKisses, & HeavenlyFlowers) and I have been playing card games for over 25 years (Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, etc.). Currently I play a lot of Fortnite, Magic the Gathering: Arena and Star Wars Squadrons but other favorites include Among Us, Star Trek TImelines & Pokemon Go!

I will be expanding the website over the coming months including regular posts with links to updated content for both my main channel and Pros and Khans: A Star Trek Discussion channel. Keep an eye out for a new schedule as well!

Edge of Venomverse Symbiote Versions of Popular Characters

Comic Collecting Showcase with akaBoG Comic Collecting Showcase – each week join me (akaBoG) as I highlight a set of comic books from my collection. These will often be connecting covers or sets of covers that have a similar theme or style! This week we have Edge of Venomverse issue #1-#5. With the release of […]


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